A box that makes you happy

What the heck is a « happy box »? If you look for a simple, organic way to uplift your mood, you should get one.  Lire la suite


Letter to my 6 year old son on his birthday

Dear Paul,

Thank  you for teaching me about love, growth, trust and confidence. I am eternally grateful for all the lessons you put me through and for tolerating me through my doubts, mistakes and judgements.

Thank you for your kindness, patience and curiosity. Most of all, thank you for being the greatest teacher I’ve ever had. 

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Letter to my body

An open letter encouraging self love, auto compassion and body love

Dear body,

You and I have been in a relationship for more than 35 years. I’ve seen you transforming and evolving through different experiences. All in all, we managed to coexist through our ups and downs.

Our relationship has been pretty complicated. Sometimes we don’t like each other at all. Other times, we engage in mutual love and compassion. Our collaboration is continuous…and flourishing. Lire la suite

When silence heals irritation

It was a typical winter evening in our household. The rain was gently hitting the kitchen window with a constant rhythm as I lit a candle. I was contentedly chopping veggies to make a soup for dinner, while my five-year old son, Paul, was quietly sticking stickers on his new Cars magazine. My husband, Nicolas, was working next door, in his home office. Although we didn’t interact, we felt each other’s presence and that was enough.

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Self-love testimonial

Self introspection, self portrait of a novice, expressing myself through drawing

I gave up being afraid to be vulnerable. I no longer hide behind my feelings and emotions. Instead I chose to live here and now and accept whatever comes at me.

My process of acceptance has been quite lengthy and continues through fastidious introspection and daily efforts. The epiphany came about when I experienced an intense desire to express my journey through words, images, shapes and light. Lire la suite