A walk with purpose

Spring is one of my favourite seasons because it’s all about renewal, awakening and brightness.

A few days ago, I spent an amazing moment with my son while taking our usual walk. What made it special was that I could see the curiosity and wonder through his eyes as he was discovering new plants, flowers, textures, colors and smells.

The story I want to relate with the pictures below is one of adventure, connection, love and simplicity.
Don’t be shy to allow the strong smell of flowers penetrate your nostrills, to listen to the bees singing songs of nature, to watch the vibrant colors harmoniously unfolding in front of your eyes and to observe your child while he’s discovering the amazing world we live in.

ephemeral spring

white and purple flowers, rain, spring

toddler walking in the parc

toddler, spring




rain on green leaves, spring


morning dew on purple flower

pink spring flower in France

yellow spring flower

spring flower, mouget









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