Social Media Annonymus – week 1

Today marks one week since I challenged myself to stay away from Facebook * for 1 month. The main reason behind this decision was to disconnect and detox from the information overload presented on social media platforms, but ultimately to return in moderation.

I surprised myself a few times while going to my web browser and instinctively typing “face..”. I even accessed the page by mistake once, but quickly closed it after realizing “I wasn’t allowed”. It goes to show how deeply ingrained the habit is for me. Also, for no particular reason known to my conscious mind, I tend to stay away from my Ipad, where I have the applications downloaded.

Week 1 highlights:

1. I watch and see more of myself and those around me (rather than focusing on other people’s stories).

2. I got in touch with some friends because I had more time to do so.

3. I get my reading articles directly from the source on: mashable, brandchannel to name a few, and not links from Facebook.

4. I listen to ted talks and I find them an amazing source of inspiration.

Until next week update, wish me luck! 🙂

* including other social media platforms, such as: Instagram, Twitter and Pintrest.


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