Social Media Anonymus – Week 2

I’m halfway through my experiment and I sort of feel like I did when I quit smoking. I miss the feeling of instant gratification and satisfying a habit. I often find myself typing “face..” into my browser, quickly to be reminded that “I am not allowed to”. It’s quite amazing to see how automatic my behaviour is, it’s almost like driving – you know which gear to use or when to hit the brakes without really thinking about it.

I admit that I miss seeing pictures of cute babies, learning about new pregnancies, weddings, birthdays or uninformative information such as: what X ate for lunch, when Y says “good night to the world” or why Z decided to share their #tbt pictures.

At the same time, I feel lighter, free from clutter. I still get my news from direct sources and the time I allocate to surf the net is spent reading meaningful articles and writing emails to friends.

Wish me luck again and till next week!



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