Social Media Anonymus – Week 2

I’m halfway through my experiment and I sort of feel like I did when I quit smoking. I miss the feeling of instant gratification and satisfying a habit. I often find myself typing « face.. » into my browser, quickly to be reminded that « I am not allowed to ». It’s quite amazing to see how automatic my behaviour is, it’s almost like driving – you know which gear to use or when to hit the brakes without really thinking about it.

I admit that I miss seeing pictures of cute babies, learning about new pregnancies, weddings, birthdays or uninformative information such as: what X ate for lunch, when Y says « good night to the world » or why Z decided to share their #tbt pictures.

At the same time, I feel lighter, free from clutter. I still get my news from direct sources and the time I allocate to surf the net is spent reading meaningful articles and writing emails to friends.

Wish me luck again and till next week!



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