I just love this little guy!

I didn’t know he was a boy the entire time I was pregnant! And I spent countless moments imagining what our baby would look like…

I still remember with excitement the first thing that raced through my mind after I learnt his gender: “A little boy will call me “mom”… I will be Paul’s mommy”. I remember seeing him so beautiful, even though he looked all puffy and whitish and he was tired and crying. I will never forget how he grabbed my finger and held it strongly as I put him to my breast. It was such a magical moment to finally see this little being that grew inside of me. I was in complete awe and so humbled that this perfect little boy was a part of me, that I was so privileged to be his parent.

baby hands

When we came home, it wasn’t as romantic anymore. A roller coaster of sleepless nights, worrisome days and a radical change of routine were slowly installing into our new life together. This little guy had to learn to live with us and deal with our insecurities… and boy, he was so brave. He tought us patience, love and laughter….

He is now almost 3 and recently he was playing outside, helping me to garden by removing dirt from the roses, straight into the terrace.

toddler gardening

toddler playing with dirtFor a split second I just stopped and looked at him. He’s never ceases to amaze me and I’m still discovering him, but I couldn’t help but wonder what makes him so curious, so pure, so beautiful… And I think it’s as simple as his hands. He loves using his hands to learn about plants, dirt, to feel different textures and experience the world.

toddler exploring

20150502_112745One of the best preps about being a parent is that you can remember aspects of your childhood that are old forgotten. But the best part is that you get to play. You get your hands dirty, you make stuff, you build, mold, wipe, you bring food to your mouth…

So, I urge you to take a second and look ar your own hands and their journey, feel them and be grateful for all the wonderful things they allow you to do. And if you are a parent, enjoy seeing your child developing and learning about the world through their hands.


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