Social Media Anonymus – Week 3

Quick update on my Social Media experiment. 3 weeks ago, I decided to stay away from Facebook to see what life looked like on the other side of the fence. I’ve been connected through Facebook since 2005 and it got to a point where I became suffocated by my own curiosity to find out how others are doing, what others are experiencing, eating, living, feeling, etc.

As I am more then halfway done through this self-inflicted experiment, I am happy to report that I feel better “trained” to use my time more wisely. I would lie to say that I am not looking forward to next week when I will log on, but I am committed to doing it less regularly and diminish its importance in my life.

As a side anecdote, I recently ran into an old friend and at the end of our conversation I found myself involuntarily asking her if she had a Facebook account rather than her phone number. It was even funnier when she responded that she didn’t have an account. What? These people really exist? I admit there was something cool or different about not being part of the virtual community…


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