Is there a balance between personal and professional?

I’ve been very preoccupied lately with reorganizing my daily routine. To my surprise, I realize that my crisis evolves around time. For as long as I remember being an adult, I’ve been struggling to find a balance between my career/social life/personal life. In short, I am quite desperate to find a medium between all facets of my life. When I was fresh out of college, my number one priority was to land “the” job that will define me and establish my status in society. After I obtained it, my priority was to find “the” man I will love forever and ever. After I found the man, I wanted to have “the” wedding. Then, I wanted to have “the” baby… And now what? I have the degree, the job, the husband, the kid… Now I have to balance them!

The challenge comes when they all become priorities and time is limited. How in the world am I supposed to be able to work out, clean the house, cook balanced meals, be on the job, play with my son, meditate, do the laundry and iron, have some “me” time, read the news or a book, drive, learn a new skill or simply keep up to date with the changes in my industry, go food shopping, talk to a friend, maintain conversation with my husband or better, have sex?

I find it rather interesting when public figures who seem to have it all, talk about work/life balance. I admire Ivanka Trump who admits that work-life balance is “impossible” to attain or Anne Pottmeyer Rohosy who debates on what does “having it all” means. And although I feel relieved to learn that I’m not the only one dealing with this issue, I can’t help it but to strive to attain that balance.

In an ideal world, I can work a few hours a day and earn enough to take care my son out and offer him a comfortable living. Also, in an ideal world, my mind is relaxed and my body is fit. I am present for my friends and family and I live to the fullest in the moment. My husband and my son are positively influenced by my presence and we are fully engaged in whatever we do. In reality, life is not as romantic as my ideal image.

The beauty in this struggle to find balance is that I refuse to lose hope and that I will take full responsibility for my actions. I also pledge to continue dreaming and to let my imagination decide what the future will look like. Why not just live each day the way it is, rather than checking all the checks and balances of a balanced life?


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