Social Media Annonymus – week 4

Yay! I did it! One month with no social media!  (patting myself on my shoulder)

This past week has been the toughest mainly because a lot of things were going on with my friends who don’t live in the vicinity and I wanted to have the latest news in the quickest way possible (Facebook does such a good job for that).

My heart was joyfully pounding this morning as I logged on. And to my surprise, I rapidly skimmed the latest feed and then jumped directly to the people I wanted to see (mainly pictures). After my curiosity was satisfied, I responded to some messages and quickly logged off.

All in all, I checked Facebook twice today and I was pretty happy to not feel the urge to log on throughout the day. My intention is to commit to checking in as little as possible and simply enjoying it in smaller doses.

But I am happy to be back in the virtual social community and proud I reached my goal. Now it’s time to get another one… Stay tuned, I’ll announce it when I find it 🙂



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