A simple method for a simple life

Most of my teenage years and beginning adulthood I struggled with my own destructive thoughts. To my own self, I was never smart enough, beautiful enough, funny enough or anything enough. I was so harsh with myself to the point where every little thing I did was self judged and thought over and over again.

As I started maturing and emerging myself into the realities of “the real life”, I slowly came to realize that if I didn’t love myself, I couldn’t expect others to do it. So, I started to make peace and worked hard (alone and therapy) to become my own best friend, to be forgiving and patient, to allow myself time to learn and to experience things as they came.

Little by little, I started to listen to myself. It felt so liberating to take responsibility for my own actions, to think for myself without wondering what others might think, to slowly dissipate the guilt of not being enough.

By no means my life is anywhere near perfection and I am constantly faced with challenges of different magnitudes, but I simply want to share something that really made a noticeable (positive) difference for me. Here’s what I did:

  • I started keeping a handwritten daily journal
  • I set up a recurring event in my agenda, allowing 5-10 min to write daily (that way I sealed the commitment with myself)
  • I made a conscious decision to focus my writing on the positive aspects of my life
  • Every post has: 3 gratitudes and a positive experience that I encountered the precedent day

This simple activity completely rewired my thinking and it’s part of my daily habits now. Meditation, active listening, exercising and healthy eating are other aspects I strive to incorporate in my daily routine.

Dalai Lama said it so well and I couldn’t agree more:

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.

Don’t be afraid to create your vision, allow yourself to dream high and see things positively.



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