Discovering new places

I am one of those people who loves nature, but can’t wait to go back to the city. I grew up playing outside in the dirt, breathing fresh air and I developed a respectful relationship with nature. But at the same time, I often need to go back to the craziness of the city: I love observing the crowds, taking the subway, having the comfort of a warm shower and even fast food (the healthier variants).

Since we moved to Biarritz, I’ve rekindled my relationship with nature and it helped me to come back to my origins. I walked bare feet in the sand, I let the breeze cool down my forehead and embraced the ants that invaded my house. But nothing compares to this simple walk we took together as a family in deep Basque Country.

Beautiful house in Basque Country Street in Basque Country Basque House _DSC0041Millefeuille Basque house Basque Country Tree in Basque Country Horses in Basque Country Basque Country

The pictures were taken in St. Etienne de Baiggori, a charming little village I fell in love with. I absolutely adored the center of the village with its old buildings, carefully decorated with flowers. The sound of the chirping birds instantly induced a state of calmness even for my energetic toddler. Not to mention the fresh air that completely knocked him down to sleep in the car on our way back.

Enjoy the images and if you’re ever considering visiting Basque Country, consider St Etienne de Baiggori, you won’t regret it! 🙂


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