Co-habiting with a toddler

I am not obsessive about neatness, but I like to have my house orderly and free from clutter. Somehow I get anxious when everything around me is all over the place.

As most mothers can attest, having a toddler in the house is not always a “clean heaven”. Our living room has been evolving into a creative playground: cars, trains, animals, Lego’s, crayons and all sorts of different sized objects that make it so painful when you step on them barefoot.

Ways to organize

One of the things I found helpful was to create different “stations” for each activity. Our living room is fairly sized, but it can work in smaller areas as well. The idea behind those “stations” is to create a corner where we paint/draw, a corner where we sit down and play and a corner where we can move/dance/play with the ball. I find it so much easier to organize and the child has some points of reference.

Nowadays, we spend a lot of time reading, playing with cars and drawing/painting.┬áInvesting in different size boxes is a big helper to rapidly sort things out.A small bookshelf and a little table with a chair were suffice to create small areas that mommy can quickly rearrange after the “tornado” has passed.
_DSC0151booksmoo _DSC0154books _DSC0155books shelve _DSC0156cars _DSC0157drawing _DSC0158drawing 2 _DSC0159numaratoare _DSC0164drawings on the wall _DSC0148Biblio _DSC0150books


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