Chill evening with beautiful people

A few days ago, we spent a wonderful evening with some dear friends.

Lately, I’m all about organizing ahead and anticipating as much as I can before receiving guests, so that I can really enjoy the moment. Also, motherhood put me in a total “simplicity mood” – I resume my entertaining to simple, easy recipes, while focusing on setting a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. Often times, I like to listen to jazzy lounge music while I’m preparing the table.

Here’s what our table and some of the appetizers looked like:
_DSC0101table10 _DSC0104table30 _DSC0110table20 _DSC0112table40 _DSC0120table50 _DSC0121table60 _DSC0126table70To sum up, here are some simple rules for a headache-free evening when you’re hosting a get-together:

  • write down the menu (appetizers, main course, dessert, drinks) and keep on referring to it as a checklist;
  • anticipate the decorations: plates, glasses, tablecloth, napkins;
  • set up an inviting mood: flowers, candles, chill music;
  • make sure the bathroom is clean: fresh towels , toilet paper supply, deodorizer, etc;
  • most importantly: ENJOY! If you didn’t finish preparing before your guests arrive, invite them in the kitchen for appetizers, while you finish up. 🙂
  • it is preferable that you clean everything up when your guests are gone. Waking up to a clean kitchen the next day makes entertaining look like a breeze!

Happy entertaining!


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