Road trip to the South of France

Some of the things I absolutely love about traveling are escaping from the daily routine and having new experiences whether they are culinary, cultural or simply entertaining.

Our family vacation this year was more of a spontaneous/mixing business with pleasure type of deal. And although, the itinerary was planned in a matter of days and the preparation was minimal, it was one of the most interesting and pleasant trips we’ve ever done.
“Le Pavillion des Hotes” – the hotel we stayed at for one night
Vacation 2015Evening walk in Soreze
_DSC0023store 2_DSC0024store 3
 Charming spice store on the streets of Carcassonne_DSC0027store 5
Art display in Carcassonne
_DSC0025store 4
 Bar in Carcassonne
_DSC0033store 6
 Toy stand on the streets of Carcassonne
_DSC0036store 7 Ingenious decorations (Carcassonne)
_DSC0037store 8
More decoration ideas from Carcassonne
_DSC0057store 9
Toy store in Carcassonne – we had to make a purchase here 🙂
_DSC0062store 10Decoration store in Carcassonne_DSC0165avignon2
Theater show posters in Avignon
_DSC0158avignon1 Surrounded by art in Avignon
Restaurants in Avignon
Photographers “old style” in Avignon
Pont du Gard – a must see!
La Camargue
_DSC0193camargue Horses and bulls in their natural habitat – La Camargue_DSC0220camargue6
Breathtaking view from Camargue
“Mom & baby” in Camargue
Bulls in the wild
Beautiful horses in Camargue
_DSC0223camargue8 Wilderness at its best in Camargue

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