Fetes de Bayonne, France 2015

If you ever want to have a taste of the French way to party in public, you have to make it to Les Fetes de Bayonne. There are several things that made me fall in love with this festival:

  • everybody wears red and white – which creates a pleasant visual that blends nice with the beautiful architecture of Bayonne


  • there is something to do for everybody – this festival addresses children to teenagers, to adults and elderly. We have friends who take off from work of during the festival and others who travel a great distance to attend.
  • everybody celebrates something – whether it’s seeing friends, meeting new people, eating, walking, dancing, etc,
  • I love the idea of having a meal sitting at a long table that gives you the impression you’re one big happy family 🙂

eating at Fetes de Bayonne 2015

  • the live music is impressive and animates the atmosphere.

FETE DE BAYONNE BAYONNE FETE DE BAYONNE FETE DE BAYONNE _DSC006725 _DSC006624 _DSC006523 _DSC005321 _DSC003518_1 _DSC003417 _DSC003016 _DSC002513 _DSC002010

So if you’re looking into adding a unique experience on your Bucket List, I highly recommend Les Fetes De Bayonne! 🙂



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