Walk stop walk shoot

My love affair with photography started when I was trying to emulate my dad’s attention to details each time we were taking a pose. I remember how impressed I was with dad’s brick-like black Nikon camera. Also, I remember how I couldn’t wait to get our pictures developed and how amazed I was to learn that each picture came out dated. I think I was about 15 when I innocently stole my dads’ camera and I tried to take a selfie wearing makeup – little did I know that I was doing a selfie and the wait to actually see the picture was so long that by the time the film was filled, I even forgot about my experiments. You can imagine my dad’s surprise to see half of my “painted face” mixed in with his pictures.

Later on, when I got my first job after college, I bought two things: a Movado watch and a Nikon point-and-shoot. Then something “revolutionary” happened: my phone had picture-taking capabilities. The best thing is that I had it on me constantly…and I could capture anything and everything.

Today, I still love using my phone, but I recently got upgraded to a DSLR (that took me quite some time to figure out, in fact I’m still learning how to use it). I’m having an awesome time taking pictures, composing, uploading and retouching in Camera Raw or Photoshop.

Since I live by the ocean it’s hard not to get inspired to take pictures, even when you go for a simple walk. And a way better occasion to practice my skills was at the Pro Anglet World Surf Competition.

I admit that I know nothing about surfing, but I am more attracted to the surfing lifestyle. There is something solitary, bohemian and liberating about this sport. Wavy hair, athletic bodies, care-free attitude, love for the ocean and riding the waves – it all sounds really cool to me despite the fact that I never set foot on a surf board in my life. But now I can take pictures…and even share them…

Enjoy the show:

View of Chambre d'Amour in Anglet, France
View of Chambre d’Amour in Anglet, France
Surfer dude crossing the beach
Surfer dude crossing the beach
Surfers on the watchout
Surfers on the watchout
My favourite surfing picture
My favourite surfing picture
World Surf League - Pro Anglet 2015
World Surf League – Pro Anglet 2015
Mother & Son enjoying the surfing show
Mother & Son enjoying the surfing show
Surfer watching his friends in action
Surfer watching his friends in action
Pro Anglet 2015 - WSL
Pro Anglet 2015 – WSL
This surfer has got some cool moves




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