Easy things that put your life in order

I used to often find myself saying “I never have enough time to do anything”! Although there are enough hours in a day, the biggest challenge came when I had to deal with constantly prioritizing and organizing each minute of my life. How much is enough? Is my child more important than my work? Or is my manicure more important then having lunch?  I simply felt like life is all about organizing and predicting events which leave us with little time to just breathe…

In my quest for personal improvement, here are some simple discoveries that significantly improved the quality of my life and the way I manage my time:

  • I do NOTHING

Once in a while, I love to allow myself to do NOTHING – to just lay at home or to take a walk, to not be expected anywhere, to not have to call anyone, to just be with myself.  Some of you might call this isolation, but I call it time wisely spent to recharge. The same way you set a date with your significant other, I find it’s important to “catch up with yourself”, even if it’s for 5 minutes.

  •  Exercise

I know, you’ve heard this over and over again: exercise is good for you 🙂 I’m not going to repeat it. In fact, I’m not a big sports fan and I don’t go running every day wearing the latest gear. But I advocate for creating a connection with your body: stretching your muscles, testing your limits, warming up and moving as much as you can (hint: try parking as far as you can and allow yourself to walk more and definitely take the stairs instead of the elevator).

  • Learn anything

It can be as simple as reading an article on anything that interests you or as complex as embarking into learning a new skill. I recently met a charming elderly French lady who spoke beautifully in English and who acquired her skill by learning 1 new word per day for the past 10 years. Her consistency, patience and minimum effort were so inspiring. I urge you to discover something new daily.

  • Sleep

Getting your daily dose of beauty sleep is imperative for your well-being.  Here’s more on the benefits of sleeping. I find it important to establish a nightly routine and stick to it. Also, make sure that your room is not cluttered and keep it clean and fresh. Your bedroom is your sanctuary and should be used mainly for sleep … and sex – I highly recommend NOT to have a TV in your room – here’s why.

  • Live in the moment

I admit that being present is still a work in progress for me sometimes it’s hard to fight the devil inside of me who worries about the future or reminisces about the past. But when I manage to take things as they happen and be present in the moment, I achieve amazing results: my productivity levels spike, I spend memorable moments with my family and I fully appreciate everything around me.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, my intention is to share a few tips that have helped me to improve my quality of life.

I’ll leave you with Cherie Blair’s quote, which I think sums it all:

“I am not a superwoman. The reality of my daily life is that I’m juggling a lot of balls in the air trying to be a good wife and mother, trying to be the prime-ministerial consort at home and abroad, barrister and charity worker, and sometimes one of the balls gets dropped.”



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