The world seen through the eyes of a child

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if us, adults, started vehemently yelling and throwing ourselves on the ground each time someone told us « no »? Or how it would be like if we could have someone kiss our forehead each time we got a little scratch?

With age comes more independence and in the realm of life’s hardships we deprive ourselves from simply playing or showing the world when we’re hurt. We strive to be taken seriously and we cease to be as daring and naïve as a child. Sometimes we are afraid of what others think of us, other times we want to give solid proof of our maturity.

Fortunately, there are remedies for « acute adulthood ». Simply surround yourself with a pet, a child or a good friend – and be silly. Just be playful! Stimulate your creativity by drawing, throwing a ball, running barefoot on the grass. Let yourself be amazed when you see something extraordinary and don’t be afraid to ask for a hug when you feel down.

My « a-ha moment » to take myself less seriously happened spontaneously during a family walk. I found myself running freely like I did when I was a child, immersing myself with the landscape and taking in beautiful colors and the warmth of the sun, making ugly sand castles and then running them over…

children playing on the beach
children playing on the beach
Be daring!
Be daring!

If you have similar stories or you simply want to exchange thoughts/experiences, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to me in the Contact section.


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