Fall leaves & lists

Colorful, flavorful, alive, inspiring and sweet – simply put, the fall season can be a such rich inspiration for loving life and nature.

warm sweaters, warm drinks, warm colors
warm sweaters, warm drinks, warm colors

I wake up to different colors every day as the tree in front of my house changes colors. I can’t help it to observe the ardent red and the pale yellow…and it takes me back to my childhood when I was collecting leaves and stacking them in between the pages of my favorite book.

beautiFALL bliss
beautiFALL bliss

I recently made a list of some of  the things I would like to do this season … and I decided to share it, hoping to inspire/give you ideas:

  1. Make piles of leaves and jump into them with my son.
  2. Enjoy the sweet taste and flavor of seasonal fruits and vegetables: whether it’s the succulent raisins, the spicy aroma of pumpkin, cinnamon or apples…
  3. As the night falls earlier, lite a candle on the dinner table.
  4. Take a walk in the park and walk on leaves, while listening and being aware of the symphony of the fall.
  5. Watch at least one coppery sunset.
  6. Spot and show my son the migrating birds.
  7. Go for a run in the crisp weather.
  8. Make some crafts (decorating leaves, drawing, painting, etc)
  9. Sip on a cup of tea and watch The Intern (I’ve gotten so many good recommendations for it)
  10. Read stories to my son when it’s raining outside.
hello autum
hello autumn

Let’s exchange if you have other ideas/suggestions of things to do this fall… after all, we could inspire each other…:) Happy fall everybody!


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