I was 20 when I watched the dense smoke of Twin Towers falling as I was driving to college on the brisk morning of September 11th. Fast forward to January 7th 2015, I was taking a walk on the park when my mother-in-law announced me that “something atrocious” just happened – it was Charlie Hebdo. Last night, as I was ironing and my husband was watching the soccer game on TV –  within minutes we became spectators to the horror that was unfolding right under our eyes in Paris.

Today I’ve had enough of it all. My heart breaks a little bit each minute and my thoughts go to the innocent ones who were in the wrong place, at the wrong time last night. My thought also goes to the ones who witnessed the cold-hearted crimes and who will forever be haunted by those horrible memories.

Today, the aftermath is daunting and cold. How can a city become a barbaric cemetery in a few split seconds? I feel empty, helpless and terrified. I can’t help it but wonder about the future and the world in which my child is going to live. But today, I wish it could just STOP. Instead, I just mourn and pay tribute to those lost…:(


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