4 weeks meditation update – halfway through

A month ago, I started meditating to clear my mind from clutter. I wrote about my journey here and here. Today I am halfway through my 2-month experiment with meditation and I am thrilled to share my observations:

  • I find that waking up early to meditate works best for me. Although I haven’t disciplined myself to do it on a regular basis yet, this simple ritual gives me a good kickstart to the day. It works wonders for my stamina, my overall energy levels and mental strength for the day.meditation update
  • Pairing up a 10-minute guided meditation (which is easily accessible for free on youtube and other specialty sites) with a 30-minutes yoga session is an optimal combination for mind-body connection.
  • I noticed that when I offer myself  some “me-time” to just NOT think and focus on my breathing, I became calmer, more posed and confident. However I struggle with maintaining that “zen”-state thought the day.
  • Compared to 2 weeks ago, I feel an improvement in my breathing (I can take deeper breaths and I am more aware of my respiration) and I can better concentrate on my work.

For the next two weeks, my goal is to increase the frequency of meditations and dive in more into the subject.

See you in 2 weeks! 🙂meditation update



4 thoughts on “4 weeks meditation update – halfway through

  1. Meditation is so worth it. I also do it first thing in the morning. It will set the rigth tone for the rest of the day and feels amazing even more so at times I don’t feel like doing it.


    1. I agree! I admire you for keeping up with your routine even in times of low motivation, I’m still struggling with disciplining myself to do it. Let me know if you have any tips!


      1. At the moment I have a blog post about how to incorporate more mindful practices into your daily routine and spend less time meditating while sitting down. You can read it here: http://siimland.com/howtomeditatewitoutactuallysittingdowntomeditate/
        However I’m also soon going to publish my book which has a chapter dedicated to making meditation super easy and enjoyable. It will be published in a few weeks so keep an eye out for that as it will be free initially.

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