Traveling with a child

It’s been 3 years since we’ve been traveling at least twice a year with our son. Paul was 3 months old when he took his first 3-hour flight and by the time he was 10 months old, we flew from Bucharest to New York. Today, the little one has accrued some frequent flyer miles…

The best way I can describe a successful traveling experience with a child is: anticipation. Making a list and being prepared for the “adventure” are the best pieces of advice I could give.

toddler travel

This is what we bring in our hand luggage when we travel with our 3 year old:

  • food (fruit, snacks, water, juice),
  • an extra change (socks, underwear, jogging pants and a t-shirt) – I also pack a plastic bag to put his dirty clothes in, just in case of an accident,
  • a warm jacket (and coat) – to prevent the sudden changes in temperature, I dress him comfortably and in layers,
  • toys & books & crayons & coloring books & a notebook,
  • wipes, napkins.

It’s a good idea to bring a separate bag for the child, spacious enough to fit everything in and easy to find things around. We use a duffle bag, but a backpack could work as well. As a side note, for easy access, just tuck the child’s bag under the seat in front of you.

Some additional things I bring along are: patience and creativity. Have you every tried making a plane out of a napkin?  Exploring the airport is also a fun activity that can potentially get your child tired, ideally ready for napping when you get on the plane.Some airports offer playground/lounge areas for kids; it’s always a good idea to check before traveling.

Each time we travel, my husband always says: “There is a beginning and there is an end”. With that in mind, traveling with a child is indeed more tiring than traveling alone or as a couple, but as long as you get to the destination safe, it’s just a matter of endurance.

Happy travels everyone! 🙂


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