8 weeks of meditation – update

Things changed…a lot. My posture, the way I breathe, my judgements, my emotions.

This is a belated update to my meditation experiment. Let me be straight honest here: as usual, I was great at finding little excuses to not follow through with the daily meditation sessions as I planned. But I was consistent with my research and I quickly found myself becoming more mindful and focused.

I was totally overwhelmed with the plethora of information online, therefore I decided to stick to a few credible sources of information and expand from there. So, I purchased a book written by Cristophe Andre, a famous French author/psychiatrist who writes beautifully and humanly about his experience with meditation, mindfulness and serenity. This is what I learnt from this first lecture:

  • meditation is mainly about being in touch with your body, letting go of judgements and accepting whatever your experiencing in the moment
  • don’t be surprised if sometimes nothing happens (you’re not suddenly free from clutter or zen), just accept whatever you get,  it’s all about a process of self-knowledge and self-awareness
  • sometimes we are so stuck in the past or worrying about the future, that we forget how many things we could be grateful for right this moment: we ate a good lunch, took a warm shower,  etc…
  • when you are in pain or sad, meditation is not a miracle formula that will wash away discomfort. When such moments occur, meditation is there to guide you and allow you to experience life as it presents itself
  • when lived mindfully, the short, but intense moments of happiness and comfort will prepare us to deal with difficult moments
  • it’s ok not to be happy all the time, in fact we are built as pessimists (constantly defending ourselves from danger). But scientific research reveals that we can train our body to prioritize positive actions in order to better cope with discomfort.

Next, I was immersed into Barbara Fredrickson’s  research on how to lead a meaningful life. Her theory states that the ideal ratio of positive to negative emotions is 3 to 1 or higher. I highly recommend listening/studying her positivity ratio research and signing up for the free test.

All in all, after this experience, I learnt to  savor the highs and to no longer fight with the lows, but to let them take their course. What meditation has done to me? It made me more open, more grateful, less judgemental, kinder, curious…it made me real.

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4 thoughts on “8 weeks of meditation – update

    1. I totally agree, Lili. Commiting to doing it (meditation and mindfulness) is the hardest. It’s like dieting – we know the benefits of eating right, but it’s hard to resist the temptations. Our society is constantly distracting us, that doing nothing or sitting still for a few minues is such a challenge for most of us.
      Good luck on your endeavors!

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