St. Valentine – a new meaning

The old-fashioned chocolate covered strawberries, pink heart-shaped cards and perhaps some fine-dining are so yesterday.

The plethora of ideas displayed on Pinterest alone can inspire the least creative of lovers to spice things up regardless of their budget. Personalized songs, crafts, glitter, art and lots of food flavoring cater to all tastes.

Ok, let me get things straight here: I am a woman who loves her husband and holds true to our vows. But this year, I am celebrating another extra special Valentine.

As I put him to sleep, he cuddled next to me and asked me: “you stay with me, maman”. The rest his history…

It’s all about that special moment when my eyes stayed closed pretending I was sleeping and he candidly passed his soft hands through my hair and my face. As my heart was melting from his random act of affection, I felt his lips pressed against my forehead, followed by “Je t’aime maman”. That MOMENT for pure love and unconditional kindness will forever be deeply engraved in my deepest layers.

my little ValentineNext, I decided to just stay there and contemplate with the love that was surrounding me…and as he was slowly drifting into a deep sleep, I just looked at him in complete admiration. That was the best celebration of love.

In the end, Valentine’s Day should be a celebration of  pretty much anything: love for life, for the friend you haven’t seen in a while, for your pet or for the plant you water daily.

I urge you to celebrate your love and use this Valentine’s Day as a way of manifesting recognition for anything you hold dear… Make Valentine’s Day whatever you want it to be!



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