When the letters tell a story

Most of us are aware that letters convey important messages and the choice of typography can influence not only the appearance, but the mood, status and overall feeling of a word.

I’ve been intrigued about deciphering the origins, implications, creation of calligraphy and typography in order to graciously incorporate it into my work. My intent is to take you on an aesthetic journey, to let you wonder through some visuals and to bring awareness to aspects that are seldom overseen.

Did you know that there so many aspects to typography?

Typeface glossary

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Now let’s get back to the beginning. More than 2000 years ago, writing was reserved for elites as an instrument of power and cult of God. Can you only imagine hand-writing the Bible?


Calligraphy is appreciated for the quality and tension on traits, the sensation of speed and the liberty of the artist to interpret the letter from the text. Next time you pick a type face, remember all the work that went into conceiving it.

Calligraphy tools
Calligraphy tools

There’s no art without perfect mastery of tools and supports. The basics of the art of writing are resumed as follows:

  • knowledge of different instruments
  • page layout
  • traces
Hand-writing tools
Hand-writing tools
More than just letters....
More than just letters….


The myriad of choices
The myriad of choices

I hope you enjoyed this short trip and I would like to leave you with a simple message of awareness and appreciation for the facility of use and discretionary resources we hold today to self-expression and transmission of messages.

"you looked great on the phone last night"
“You looked great on the phone last night

*the pictures are taken by me from Julien Chazal’s book ” Callighraphie Le Guide Complet”


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