How I became a sushi fan

First time I had sushi, it felt like I was eating ginger soap, raw meat, burning wasabi and rice alcohol all rolled into one.

I often found myself accompanying my friends to the all-so-trendy sushi restaurants where I was watching them raving and ingurgitating cute, bitesize rolls. Meanwhile I was sipping on green tea and waiting for the check (or the fried ice-cream dessert).

But one day, I decided to give sushi another chance. This time, I mixed a little bit of wasabi with my soy sauce and candidly dipped a small California roll into it…The rest is history! In no time, I became a newly converted sushi lover.

I remember with pleasure the sushi nights out with my girlfriends, sushi dinner dates, even sushi lunches after doing my laundry at the neighboring laundromat, sushi with my mom. Nicolas and I had a lavish sushi dinner after we got engaged. Last year we had it on Christmas Eve.

Now one might say, what’s so special about sushi? My guess would be that it’s simple, filling, raw, intense, flavourful and fresh. But it takes an eternity to make and gets eaten in a few minutes. However in the end, this amazing meal gets its versatility from the energy of the person who makes it. It’s the passion, the ritual and the quality of the ingredients that bring out the best reward.

I captured a few shots a few days ago, when I was invited to a dear friend for lunch. The images below encapsulate how I feel about this celebration meal.

Cucumber for sushi preparation
Fresh cucumber for sushi preparation
Cutting off a cucumber
Fresh handmade sushi
Fresh handmade sushi
Raw organic salmon for sushi
Raw organic salmon for sushi
sushi rolls
Sushi rolls
Sushi rolls made with love
Sushi rolls made with love
Friends & rolls
Sushi feast
Sushi feast

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