A year ago…

I started collecting and posting thoughts and pictures using this space a year ago. Along the way, I exchanged impressions with new and old people and I couldn’t be more touched by the feedback I received.

Retrospectively, after posting once a week for the past year, I have learnt a great deal of things:


  • dealing positive and negative feedback – here


  •  talking about one of my hardest life struggles – here




  • dwelling with the normal doubts, concerns, ecstasy and amazement of parenting – here and here and here and here and here


  • about my childhood – here 
  • about living in France – here


  • never-ending quest to self-actualization – here and here

I recently had a random realization that nowadays anyone can be a publisher of anything. Our opinions count more than ever and many regular people become influencers and revolutionize the way we consume, think and interact. I just find it fascinating how many blogs, vlogs, online magazines are out there…and this democratisation of information is something that makes me very giddy :).

I feel lucky to use this little sliver of internet space to express my thoughts and to document how I’m learning and growing.

Projecting myself into the future, I consider this blog as a gift to my son – a public journal about his mothers’ adventures, struggles and successes into this abundant world.

Thank you for reading and looking forward to having you back 🙂


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