Catch the moment

Growing up, our annual family vacations involved discovering new cultures, cuisines and customs. Despite my mom’s hesitation to “strike a pose” in front of every statue that crossed our way, my dad would carry his heavy camera everywhere and he’d take plenty of pictures. I definitely take over him when it comes to capturing images.

All in all, my photographic goal is to create a critical eye for shooting light and shades. The light falling on an object and its beautiful silhouette are my cup of tea.

My favourite images come from spontaneous, unplanned shoots. The collection below can be interpreted as a cast of light in an urban setting. The images were taken in my backyard and on my street in Anglet, France after a quick rain and right before sunset.

041616Inspiration9_DSC0007 041616Inspiration10_DSC0008 beautiful light photography 041616Inspiration8_DSC0002 041616Inspiration7_DSC0006 041616Inspiration2_DSC0009 041616Inspiration_DSC0008

I urge you to develop an eye for the simplicity of delicate light falling on ordinary objects. Next time you catch a similar moment, simply capture it and add it to your collection. We can all be little artists and express our inner affinities! 🙂


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