How gardening improved my life

It took me about a year from the moment I started contemplating about starting a little vegetable garden to the actual realisation of my personal project.

I wanted to give gardening a shot because:

  • it would be great to involve my 3 year old son, to feel more connected to nature, to focus on its beauty and inspire gratitude and awe
  • I would discover a new hobby
  • I learnt it’s highly therapeutic and relaxing

So, I started with this:

First attempt to gardening
First attempt to gardening

I planted the first seeds with my son, watered them…and waited a few weeks. The excitement and curiosity of my unexperienced attempt, came as a huge surprise. The entire family was learning the value of patience, admiration, observation and appreciation for our work together.

Basil and dill
Basil and dill
Radishes and tomatoes
Radishes and tomatoes
Lettuce salad
Lettuce salad

What started of as a silly little experiment, quickly became an every day activity. Suddenly, I was sensitive to weather conditions and found myself talking and asking advice to seasoned gardeners.

Today, my garden is a symbol of my ability to stay true to my goals and to create something valuable for me, my family and the environment. It might sound silly, but the attachment and pride I gained from this activity helped me reaffirm myself as an individual.

Here are some pinnacles of my garden:

First raddish
First radish
My first tomato
My first tomato


Have you ever seen a picture of a proud fisherman with his catch? Well, here I am, posing in a similar position…with my radishes :).

Andra Garrigue

More updates will follow 🙂 Happy gardening!


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