The day I became a mother…


  • understood the real meaning of pain
  • learnt that I am strong
  • believed in magic
  • felt proud and accomplished
  • laughed and cried simultaneously
  • felt light as a feather and heavy as a mountain
  • produced another being
  • was disoriented and at peace at the same time
  • was ecstatic, honored, assured, fulfilled, responsible, gleeful, jubilant, courageous, serene, blessed, brave, exuberant.

Almost 4 years later, I am privileged and grateful to be his mommy. Happy birthday, little one! May you stay deeply rooted and spread your wings as high as possible! And if you could be a little nicer, throw less tantrums and give me more smiles and giggles, that would be nice, too…


June 2016


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