Child limits & guilty parent

“NO” is his favourite word these days and high pitched screaming seems to be his favourite noise. He’s 20 kg (44 lbs) and he can pull, push, grab and hit with all his strength when he doesn’t want/like something. Then he calms down and says: “I forgive you!”

In a matter of seconds, he becomes a sweet angel. He shows me his perfect little white teeth, as he gives me the most magnificent smile. My heart melts and I forget about the prior minutes. His sloppy kisses and tight hugs are warm and make me feel so loved. Suddenly I’m under his charm.

He’s so smart, attentive, so fragile and innocent, yet so strong and stubborn. He can totally drain every little bit of energy out of me and recharge me with a simple word or gesture.

He needs me to [help him] eat, bathe, read, show, talk, orient, sing, snuggle, love. And I need him to teach me how this parenting thing works. So far, he surely showed me a great deal :).

These days our balance tips on both sides. It oscillates a lot during the day, then remains in equilibrium, then tips again. Imposing limits, teaching, communicating, parenting and dealing with day to day problems can be exhausting, but the final goal is to accompany him to be the best version of himself. Hope to balance easily¬†and non-effortlessly one day…


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