Perfectly imperfect life

Do you know someone who travels the world, has a sky rocketing career and an immaculate house with high ceilings and spacious rooms, a toned body that matches perfectly with a handsome husband/wife and well a behaved child who eats a plant-based diet and never has any tantrums?

If you answered « yes », let me share a personal story with you.

As a 20 something college student, I strived to pursue an education and follow the « normal » path in life: girl goes to school, then girl meets boy, they get engaged and have a fat wedding, then boy and girl buy a house, 2 cars and at least 1 vacation per year, then they have 1,2,3… children and a dog and/or a cat.

Now in my 30’s, life unfolds with long and short detours. On many occasions, I’ve beat myself down for not fitting into the mole. In time, I slowly learnt to accept, trust and let go. My self-introspection journey allowed me to see the bigger picture and helped me identify and address the negative patterns in my life.

What I have learnt is simply: give up! Perfection, as we see it in nicely photoshopped pictures, is impossible. I will honestly admit that my house is sometimes messy, I sometimes lose my marbles and there’s a fair amount of screaming and exchange of opinions taking place on a daily basis. And yet, those imperfect moments help up build relationships and prepare us for overcoming difficult situations. And when we reach small victories, their taste is sweeter than ripe bananas.

So, how did I get to this point? Wish the answer was easy peasy and straight through. But I can definitely recall a turning moment when I was 30 weeks pregnant, with a poignant belly that was contracting every 4-5 minutes, feeling cold and warm, with an excruciating lower back pain, lying on a hospital bed and desperately wishing I was somewhere else. Luckily, my infection was successfully cured and I went back home and gave birth 10 weeks later. But that particular day, I learnt not to force myself and to stop and breathe, just live moment after moment. I don’t know why I had to go through that « imperfect » experience, to appreciate how « perfect » my pregnancy was, but I’m rather glad I did.

Allow your journey to find its place in your acceptance and make the best trip out of it! I promise, I’ll do the same.





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