Revelations after our first child-free vacation

Is there a life after child?

I’m inclined to say “it depends” as everything takes a different connotation. But after just returning from our first kid-free vacation, here’s my personal brief take on the things I experienced:

  1. The first few hours you feel totally lost being out there in the world and not having to look after anyone.
  2. Packing becomes so easy (and light). No need for wipes, snacks, toys and a million bags.
  3. You empathise with other parents who are traveling with kids, but you’re secretly happy to read a book for the duration of the flight.
  4. You push yourself to stay up after 10PM and you don’t understand why you start getting all dizzy after your first drink.
  5. You find yourself staring at every child that comes your way and remind yourself how much you miss your own.
  6. You wake up without having to dress anyone up (but yourself) and you can indulge in just laying in bed.
  7. You can flip through the channels and skip the cartoons.
  8. The only mouth you need to feed is your own.
  9. You can have intelligent conversations that don’t involve complaining, negotiating or Peppa Pig.
  10. You can sleep in and wake up to looking into your partner’s eyes.

I can’t say that I wish I could’ve done this sooner. To us it was totally worth it and it came at the best moment. We were able to disconnect from our daily routine and enjoy our time with our friends and each other.

And coming back to Paul’s bright, happy face was incredibly precious. Although the transition to our regular routine was very sudden, the time away allowed for some much needed reflection and recharging.

Bottom line: if you want a quick fix to temporarily gain your sanity, “escaping” (even for an hour) is a wise investment in yourself, your relationship and your child.





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