Sequence of emotions

We are at the playground on a sunny but breezy October afternoon. Children roaming around, sand castles rising off the ground. I hear high pitched voices, giggles and adults chatting on the side while looking after their children.

As I enter the scene with my 4 year old son, I dream to do just one thing: sit down and catch my breath while he is  playing and entertaining himself. But it’s not the case. Paul insists that I assist him on the playground.

After my 3rd yawn, as I’m pushing the swing, a sociable little boy with big, round eyes comes over and casually starts telling us about his dinosaur collection, the activities he does at school and what his room looks like.

My first tought was: thank you for saving me, little boy; now go play with my son so I can get some timeout.

Within the next 10 minutes, I witnessed two boys laughing and talking, mirroring their gestures and transporting their imagination to unimaginable places.

As I was patting myself on the shoulder for having decided to come to the playground, my son bursts into an erratic scream because he couldn’t find one of his trains. 30 seconds later, the boy nonchalantly calls him : « weird!!! ».

My primitive reaction was to punch the rugrat in the face and protect my son from the verbal abuse he had just  endured. But little Paul didn’t need his mommy anymore. He searched for his train and tempered himself at his own pace. He didn’t reply to the boy and continued to play.

Here I was, making a big deal out of my son’s emotional outbursts, worrying about other children hurting his feelings and questioning whether I should interfere or not. When in fact, he taught me to trust him that he is capable of solving his issues.

At that moment, I realised the my timid 4 year old is more resilient than I thought. I savoured the moment intensely.


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