How I became rich this fall

I am not a fall season fan. I prefer the feeling of warm sun on my skin. I don’t enjoy waking up to crisp fresh air and seeing the trees getting naked and everything decadently turning into grey. But I do enjoy the short-lived vibrant reds and oranges, pumpkin soup and sweet raisins.

This fall is special because I became rich (figuratively) despite undergoing some personal challenges. The beautiful spectacle taking place in my garden and my surroundings distracted me from the daily struggles and kept me focused on the magic of nature.

Below are a few “goodies” I captured. They are brief moments in my life when I didn’t think of my personal problems, I let my eyes soak up in awe and gratitude. To me that’s richer than a 6 -figure bank account.

102916dsc_0727jpg 102916dsc_0748jpg 102916dsc_0747jpg 102916dsc_0742jpg 102916dsc_0734jpg 102916dsc_0733jpg 102116dsc_0632 102116dsc_0630 102116dsc_0629 102116dsc_0626


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