Positive beauty

Picture this: you need a new face cream and you decide to go with “magic brand” you saw in a magazine ad, that swears to make your fatigue disappear and hoping that you’ll look as flawless and happy as the protagonist of the ad. You come home, clean up your face and apply the magic potion. You check yourself out in the mirror and 10 minutes later… nothing changed. What the heck?

Now picture this: you need a new face cream and you opt for a brand that doesn’t promise to magically erase your wrinkles, but helps you develop self confidence and self indulgence.

Which one do you pick?

As an avid beauty product user and after having worked for different cosmetics companies, here’s my criteria for my beauty picks (as a continuation of my previous article “What happened when I went all natural”:

  • my cabinet contains:
    • 1 eye cream,
    • 1 facial cream,
    • 1 facial wash/make up remover,
    • 1 shampoo/conditioner,
    • 1 hair oil,
    • 1 body cream,
    • 1 shower gel.
  • I replenish when I finish each product – it saves me tons of space, money and it’s better for the environment.
  • my beauty ritual represents 10-15 minutes of well-being. I massage, pat, clean, dry and nourish with care and presence. It’s my moment to embrace my own image and its imperfections.
  • there’s no “magic cream” or ingredient that will get rid of your imperfections. But the beauty ritual, done mindfully and consistently worked wonders on my levels of confidence and acceptance.

My message is: create and commit to a beauty ritual to celebrate your femininity. Chose ingredients that are mild, eco-friendly and tested. It’s the ultimate declaration of self-love. Try it – it will pay dividends 🙂


I have no affiliation with this brand, but this campaign hits home on positive beauty:  watch here.


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