Every end (of the year) is a new beginning

For the past few weeks, my daily routine was replaced with running around, shopping lists, plenty of blinking lights and an overstuffed stomach. On the bright side, the end of the year brought the family together and got us to be amazed whenever we saw toys, anything red or silly decorations.

As I am « recovering » and slowly acting on my new year resolutions, I’m glad I captured a few glimpses of some sweet, peaceful moments that will erase the tension and tiredness most of us go through during the holiday season.

0108dsc_0027 0108dsc_0020jpg 0108dsc_0022jpg 0108dsc_0029jpg 0108dsc_0025jpg 0108dsc_0024jpg 0108dsc_0032jpg 0108dsc_0033jpg 0108dsc_0037jpg 0108dsc_0042jpg 0108dsc_0045jpg 0108dsc_0050_1jpg 0108dsc_0054jpg 0108dsc_0056jpg

Hope all of us will be more awesome this year than we were last year!



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