Just play

When I was about 10, my mother told me I was a “big girl” and I’d better read a book than play with my dolls. It was a moment of internal conflict for me – I didn’t want to EVER stop playing and at the time reading was so utterly boring. For years, I would secretly play while pretending I was reading. 

When I myself became a mother, I was finally “allowed” to revive the child in me. Whenever I play with my son, I lose myself in a world full of imagination and possibilities. I let go of fear and responsibilities and savor discovery and pure innocence.

Looking back through my photos, it became obvious to me how my “internal eye” became fascinated with capturing images of child’s play. Below is a quick incursion to some of my favorites.

What’s your favorite child game? How do you seek playfulness as an adult?


Beautiful little girl walking by the ocean
Beautiful little girl walking by the ocean

103115_DSC0073 062016DSC_0075 060916DSC_0265 062016DSC_0019 June 2016


Children playing 082116DSC_0152JPG


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