Digital detox

If you’re having a hard time disconnecting from your screen, welcome to the club.

Do you experience these  symptoms?

  • you check social media accounts on an average of 2-3 times every hour
  • you feel « naked » if you’re not connected to the Internet
  • You surf the web whenever you’re bored, tired, uninterested or interested in something
  • at times – you work, watch TV, play with your children or pets, check Facebook – all at once
  • you sleep with your smartphone by your bedside (I know, your excuse is the alarm clock).

[Learn more about the benefits of detoxing from your screens.]

I’d be a total hypocrite to say that I have this under control. I can totally hear you about the struggle. But I’m determined to find a balance. I‘ve tried different ways to get back in tune with my own internal rhythm rather than keeping up with the speed of the digital age. Here are some of my suggestions. Don’t forget: small steps can lead to big changes:

  • Discipline yourself to turn off all screens during certain intervals. I turn off my cell from 6-9PM. This time enables me to cook, play with my son and be engaged one activity at a time.
  • Set your own objectives. For example: I check social media 2-3 times per day at pre-defined times. Whenever I get the urge to check, I remind myself that it won’t teach me anything valuable anyway ( no FOMA allowed in my house).
  • Find a substitute. For me is writing and doodling in my bullet journal, skimming through a magazine (my absolute favorite is Flow), doing stuff around the house, playing with my son, cooking, etc.
  • When I work, I use the Pomodoro technique. I‘ve been using this technique for about 2 years. Its my « secret sauce » – helps me get my work done and keeps me focused – no need to pause to check emails of social media.

I hope my sharing inspired you to go for a walk, smell the flowers and look at the stars, rather than letting a screen be your inspiration. I also hope that you maximize the time you are exposed and that you use it to your best benefit. So don’t go cold turkey, rather learn to incorporate it in healthy doses. Good luck!








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