Light & color musings

The following images are a living proof that when you’re in need for inspiration, you don’t have to go very far. On a Sunday afternoon when all my screens were shut off and time wasn’t measured, I took my camera out to capture this pure tranquility.

Despite my many attempts, nature didn’t gift me with an artistic talent for drawing. For me photography replaces that void; it allows me to admire light falling on objects, to appreciate colors and make stories in my mind.

This particular story is about pinks and greens, darks and lights, small details and life, allowing the eye to bond with nature and look closer to see its beauty.

Spring pink flower by Andra Garrigue Lights and shadows by Andra Garrigue early rose leaves by Andra Garrigue mommy's little helper by Andra Garrigue wood teepee spring nature by Andra Garrigue Light falling on a tree by Andra Garrigue Spring light by Andra Garrigue beautiful spring white & pink flower by Andra Garrigue spring flowers by Andra Garrigue tree trunk by Andra Garrigue


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