I am a woman

I am not a fashionista and I don’t make heads turn when I walk on the street. When I was little people used to call me “cute” – whatever that meant. As a teenager, boys liked me and I used my “charm” to make friends and establish relationships (that didn’t serve me a great deal though, it merely served for ephemeral friendships).

As a young woman, I never had a hard time finding “admirers”. Despite my charming ways, I was secretly doubting my beauty and I didn’t quite own up to the compliments I was receiving.

The day I shook hands with myself and I removed the masks that have been so deeply encrusted within me, I understood that real beauty resides in kindness, curiosity, attention and self-love. It was no longer about the soft lips, the cellulite free butt or the perky breasts I was striving for before. That day I embraced my femininity through my scars, goofy pajamas, chipped teeth and bushy eyebrows.

Today, I am a woman who loves, who is not afraid to cry and be vulnerable.  I am not afraid to stand for my rights, my ideas, my values. And I can do so, because of the incredible women behind me who passed on their values generation after generation. I also stand for myself because of a man who embraced my flaws and magically made me love them.

Happy International Women’s Day!


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