Bonding through stories


When I read stories to my son, we travel to imaginary places. My voice takes different tones, my body speaks a language of freedom and our hearts connect. We see colors and beautiful drawings, we escape from the daily hassles. His eyes open wide and he carefully absorbs every word. At the end, we learn lessons…and “they lived happily ever after”.

In a world of so much compliance and overload of information, I pledge to continue telling stories the best way I can and strive him to create his own.

What do I get in return? I hold him close and I fill up my nostrils with his sweet smell. My entire body is inundated with love. His eyes become bright and shiny and I adore how they move through the tales of miracles and wonder. I wrap my arms around him and I feel home. His curiosity brings an intense feeling of warmth.

[find out more on the benefits of reading with your child on this  New York Times article f]

What story are you reading your child tonight?



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