Reasons to smile

These days I’m on a mission to feel grounded. I feel playful, hopeful and daring. I’m basically a big child with a hunger for adventure and discovery.

I nurture my creativity through writing, drawing, making collages, occasional yoga and meditation. Well, fortunately (for your eyes) I am not ready to share my “art” with the world, but I often share my attempts to capture interesting images. My photography has evolved from a simple interest into my own personal way of transposing and materializing the things I see.

Below you’ll find a brief recap of the things I photographed lately and for different (personal) reasons put smiles on my face.

Great art decor and flowers
Langoustines – our festive treats
Beautiful Basque Country
Peaceful surroundings
Mellow Yellow


Good food (except the sausage :))
Little man, big world
Wine and champagne
Dream big, my little one!
The perfection of nature
Light falling on green
Traces, geometry and color



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