I am a zebra (self portrait)

Picture this: you are in an interview or training and you are asked the following question:

If you were an animal, what would you be?

This is me as an animal:

I am a zebra. I am different from other animals. I look tame, but I can’t be domesticated. Sometimes my stripes help me stand out, other times they help me blend in. However, I need to be surrounded by others to thrive. I am nurturing, protective and sensitive.

My stripes are unique: they make me recognizable and confirm my uniqueness. They also ¬†a reminder of all the “scratches” life gave me. They are also beautiful particularities that protected me from life’s dangers.

My stripes are magnificent and I embrace them. I am a zebra.

Courtesy of National Geographic

I encourage you to reflect on your own ‘animal’. You might be surprised to learn what it could reveal to you.


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