Creative pondering

My latest and utterly surprising discovery: you can call it art therapy, wasting time, charging your batteries… I call it liberating and uplifting.

I am by far NOT an artist. I suck at drawing, “period”. I can barely write cursive, I am utterly disorganized…and yet, I find an infinite source of inspiration in letting myself “play” with lines, colors and shapes.

Here’s how it all started for me:

  • I accidentally joined the Bullet Journal community and started creating my own system of keeping track of my life. As I became more and more immersed in the process, I started to decorate my simple organizer pages.
  • I created a vision board and started collaging as a way of decorating my home office and creating a space of inspiration.
  • I started reading about art therapy, followed Pinterest and Instagram groups and consistently allocated 15-20 minutes on a daily basis to create a space where I can express myself freely, non-judgmentally.
  • And “voilà”, in little time I started blending instantaneous writing, collaging, drawing to communicate with my inner self.

Here’s an example of a collage I made recently:

  • just took a blanc sheet of paper, a magazine and scissors. I cut the most inspirational images and assembled them.
  • I didn’t search for logical explanations – I just let myself work freely, with no intention in mind.
  • 15 minutes of this gave me the energy and allowed me to liberate my creativity.

  • The final result is a proof of the limitless resources within oneself. It may not mean much to you, but to me this is purely “my personal expression of this instant moment”.
  • This simple activity taught me that removing myself from email, Internet and daily commitments plays dividends in the long run.


I hope this encouraged you to allow to “play”. You might discover new facets of yourself that might surprise you! Good luck! 🙂


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