Parenting in bird language

Spring-summery days are amazing. Magic happens when everything turns into color and life steps up to a faster pace. It’s the time of the year when I usually let my guards down and turn on my sensors: I pay special attention to the rebirth of nature, to the rays of sun embracing my pale skin and to the roaring sounds of agitation.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I experienced a totally unexpected surprise: 2 little birds decided to lay their nest and raise their new family right above my window sill. I know it might sound a little childish, even uninteresting, but observing this little family of birds, reminded me how beautiful and precious life as a parent is. 

Parenting as a team

It takes two to make a family. I spent good hours observing mother-bird and father-bird dancing in the sky, protecting their territory and assiduously bringing worms and insects to their baby birds. Shared responsibility is a building block for healthy relationships – I think birds got it so much better than us, humans.


When I sat in front of their nest – curiously watching, they got very agitated and as the babies got older, they instantly started hiding when they sensed an intruding presence. Meanwhile the parents started making a loud chirping noise. I admit I wonder what are they saying to each other. 🙂


The parents spend their entire day feeding their babies. Observing them, reminded me of my own experience when Paul was a newborn and I spent my days feeding him, and my husband brought me food. Nature definitely has its ways.

Fly away

I’m curious as to what this family will become, how the babies’ first flight will be, where are they headed next, how will they learn to protect themselves from nature’s harms. After all, we do the same with our children: we nurture them, we teach them survival skills and then we watch them fly away.

I am delighted to watch these little birds sing and dance their way through parenting, just like my own family.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. John Muir






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