Cheap to no cost happiness boosters

I’ll be happy when I’ll have: a bigger car, more money, a bigger house, nicer shoes, less pounds/kilos, better hair, etc.

How many people live by that statement? What a pure illusion to live in a society which measures success by status, bank accounts, looks and possessions. I believe happiness is simple, but being constantly solicited by technology and demanding responsibilities, we are prone to forget the essential.

[As someone once said: “We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.”]

Over the past year, I’ve created a list of small sources of pleasure that have improved my well being. You can make your own, update it, pass it over and improve it:

Mine looks like this:

I am happy when I:

  • eat chocolate. chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions. Chocolate simply understands. I eat in moderation and savor each layer of decadent sweetness.
  • sit in the sun. I chase the sunshine and immerse myself with it as much as possible. I soak it up and keep some in my pockets for darker days. Really charges me up.
  • take a bubble bath. steamy water, salts and essential oils…and 10-15 minutes of calmness. Unfortunately I don’t get to do this often, but whenever it happens, it’s magic.
  • watch a fire. there’s something primeval about focusing on the energy and the warm yellow of a fire dance. I love bonfires, fireplaces or simply lighting a candle on my coffee table while watching a movie.
  • cook. I get so much pleasure out of creating a menu, going food shopping, cooking in a serene atmosphere and serving my food esthetically. My family loves it and I get a double dose of happiness.



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