Searching for the ideal mother…

My ideal mother is…

My ideal mother is an artist. She is sweet, bohemian, warm, delicate, affectionate, she smells like flowers and vanilla, she loves books, she’s articulate, eats healthy and she’s respectful.

My ideal mother is simple. She is so simple that she’s completely transparent. She draws, knits, reads, loves and listens. My ideal mother is grounded, she trusts and loves herself, she’s an optimist. My ideal mother is crazy in love with my dad.

My ideal mother doesn’t judge me, doesn’t embarrass me, she doesn’t offend me.

My ideal mother dresses beautifully, inspires me and guides me. My ideal mom knows when to let me lose, she lets me put make-up on, she allows me to become a woman, she teaches me to embrace my body and my sexuality.

My ideal mother lets me love and allows me to become a mother to my own child. She forgives my mistakes, my shortcomings. My ideal mother doesn’t impose herself on me.

My ideal mother is cheerful. She is love. She is light.

My ideal mother is in ME. It’s my JOB to protect her and embrace her.

courtesy of flow magasine

What does your ideal mother look like?


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