To my son, on his 5th birthday

Tomorrow my little boy will be 5.

Needless to remember when he was so tiny that I could fit him into my arms, gaze at him in soaking bliss and smell his sweet milky odour for hours. He is now heavy as a rock, stubborn as a mule and smarter than Einstein ( ok, I might be biased here – I’m one of those parents who tend to over-exagerate when it comes to their children ).

Every night, after I tell him “Good night”, he calls me back to “snuggle his belly”. Last night he had a hard time falling asleep and called me (for the 3rd time within 30 minutes) : “Mommy, I need to tell you a secret: you are the most beautiful and I adore you”. Little moments like that have the power erase the agony of parenting and any doubt that “I’m not doing the job well”.

When we go grocery shopping, he pushes the shopping cart and understands when I tell him that cookies and soda are not good for your health because “they give you cavities”. He loves flowers and plants, rocks and sand. He adores his father and loves sneaking into my bed by my feet when he wakes up in the morning. When he’s upset he can scream louder than a siren and his bossy attitude can be funny and aggravating all at once.

My son is different. He’s an unique combination of me and his father: strong, but sensitive, simple but complicated. In the 5 years I’ve known him, I learnt more lessons about life than I have learnt in my entire 35 years: precious lessons of compassion, authentic love and an ardent desire to protect him. He is my constant reminder that life has a purpose and the fight to make it better is worth pursuing.

Being his parent is colourful, witty and mysterious. Some days are better than others. My challenge is to find ways to let our extraordinary journey emerge and help him build himself strong enough to face life’s adversities.

I am so looking forward to see him evolve and hold his hand every time he needs it. I am curious about the obstacles we’ll face and the victories we’ll gain.

Happy birthday, my sweet little angel!!!!


2 thoughts on “To my son, on his 5th birthday

  1. So beautiful!!!! Paul is so much fun!! He is truly blessed to have you two as parents!!! Paul hope you have a Happy Birthday and many more!🎂🎉🎈🍦🎉🎈😊😘❌⭕️!!Give him a great big kiss and hug from GG! 😘 Miss you guys!😞


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