Frog legs tales [ 3 year anniversary living in France ]

Life in France is similar to a rollercoaster adventure. You’re you’re all excited to ride on, but when you get close to the top, you suddenly want to go back on land. Before you know it, you experience simultaneous agony & pure joy.

Over the past 3 years, I’ve been on many roller coaster rides. Some were like gleeful, others were chilling. All in all, the entire adventure allowed me to cultivate a deep appreciation for their beautiful culture and fascinating life philosophy. But it also brought me close to issues such as racism, terrorism, political and social insecurity, which I prefer not to discuss here.

[ I have documented some random impressions my first year here and my second year here. ]

As the saga continues, my personal story is unfolding and evolving. My language skills are progressing and my encounters are becoming more and more diverse.

Over the past year, I went to convivial weddings in beautiful vineyards, visited famous “châteaux”, drank wine on the beach, sang in French while holding my lover’s hand at a Gerald de Palmas concert, watched a whole lot of Peppa Pig in French, celebrated birthdays and indulged into fascinating lectures at the local library.

Regardless of the number of baguettes, macarons or crème brûlée I eat, I am still Romanian at heart. But “la vie en rose” is sweet and oh, so chic…

[ this is purely my personal story ]


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