About Andra

Andra Garrigue

Here’s my story:

I was born and raised in Romania.

I spent my senior year of High School in Milford, NJ, where a warm American family hosted me as an Exchange Student.

Continuing the “American experience”, I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

Started my working career with L’Oreal, the company I followed and loved for many years. When I decided to pursue an MBA and got a job as a Graduate Assistant, I met a French exchange student, Nicolas, who eventually won my heart.

After getting married, Nicolas and I moved to Romania, where I worked in marketing for Nielsen and Estee Lauder. It’s where we built a home, rekindled with the family and completed our own family with a little boy named Paul.

We are currently living in Biarritz, France. My days are now filled with toddler laughter, cars and planes. When I don’t read The Cat in the Hat, I work on marketing projects for small companies.

I am a sucker for learning and discovering anything that’s useful for me and my family and I am passionate about self-development as a mother, wife and professional. I have a sweet tooth and I am a foodie. Also, I enjoy any activity that aligns my inner spirit to my physical body (yoga, stretching, running, Pilates, etc). I also like: flowers, cosmetics, art and photography, good movies, pretty much anything colorful.

I want to use this space to authentically share my feelings, thoughts, likes and interests.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to stay, I enjoy having you over!